The risks of shipping in winter months — how SilverSkin® thermal covers protect against the cold

Ice, snow and windchill – These are often the first things to come to mind when shipping temperature sensitive cargo during winter. All present a serious threat to cold chain cargo.

Thermal energy will ‘flow’ from the warmer cargo to the colder ice or snow. This process, called conduction, continues until both the surface of the cargo and the ice and snow have reached the same temperature (thermal equilibrium).

SilverSkin® thermal covers help slow down the heat exchange, providing crucial extra time for shipments exposed to winter conditions whilst waiting to be loaded from the tarmac into the aircraft, truck, or warehouse.

Another issue that is often overlooked is that temperature sensitive cargoes release heat by means of infrared radiation. SilverSkin® thermal covers provide a solution to this loss of heat – they reflect up to 97% of this infrared radiation, slowing heat loss beneath the thermal cover.

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