Cold resistant packaging, is your Global supply chain ready to cope?

The Summer threat of hot ambient temperatures and solar radiation are well known, but what about the cold threat? How can shipments of temperature-sensitive products be protected against cold, driving rain and wind chill factor with thermally efficient and cost effective pallet insulation? How can you get cold resistant packaging?

Global Temperature Threat 

Temperature MapThe cold of winter obviously poses a different set of challenges. Products that are sensitive to low temperatures can lose their properties with irreversible effects. If a lower excursion occurs, products such as biologics and ointments will be completely rejected if freeze-thaw is detected and the product is subject to multiple temperature cycles.

Type of Insulation Material

The type of insulation material is an important consideration. Compact low emissivity materials can work well in heat, solar radiation and products with wider tolerance i.e 2-30°COn the other hand cold weather ‘conduction’ threat requires additional insulation, often in the way of thicker materials. Selecting a material that can cope with cross hemisphere challenges should be considered and working with a partner that can deliver a range of solutions should be priority for risk mitigation.



Thermal Test Program – Qualification Data

At Softbox® SilverSkin™, we have a continuous program of testing in hot and cold chambers, as well as direct sunlight (when the weather allows!). Testing has been carried out across the SilverSkin™ materials range, in ‘top only’ and ‘top and base’ configuration.

Constant temperature stress testing at +40°C and -10°C provides evidence during protected conditions of the supply chain. Direct sun, normally between +40°C and +50°C in India provides evidence of performance in outdoor conditions e.g. airport ramp time.

An extensive library of test data is available to customers to support a ‘risk based approach’ within the Good Distribution Practice (GDP) Guidelines.


Which SilverSkin™ Material?

We have designed materials like the SilverSkin™: Quattro, and BB500 with additional insulation properties. Because of test and design, these materials have supportive test data which demonstrates higher levels of cold protection, helping to retain heat and keep product within safe temperature limits for extended durations.

Pharmaceutical Experience – GDP Risk Based Approach

At Softbox® SilverSkin™, we have the experience in working with many of the leading global pharmaceutical companies. We support customers in adopting a GDP risk-based approach aiming to find the right balance between thermal protection and acceptable budget.

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