Fine Wine - Temperature protection for a temperamental product

SilverSkin® Thermal Covers for Wine

Wines are sensitive. We’re familiar with storing and consuming them at specified temperatures. But they are also susceptible to humidity, light and agitation, which poses the question: How do you keep wine protected and at the correct temperature during shipping?

Temperature protection for transporting wine is crucial to its integrity. With collectors and connoisseurs often the recipients of fine wine (not to mention some keen consumers), shippers have a responsibility to deliver their cargoes in perfect condition. Without proper thermal protection for wine during transit, that is unlikely to happen.

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    SilverSkin® features for wine

    Temperature protection
    Protects during on and off-loading
    Highly reflective

    Keeping danger out and flavour in

    Experts generally accept that wine needs shipping at between 10 and 16°C – a sweet spot that mimics cellar temperatures. Rise above this ceiling and you run the risk of cork damage and oxidisation. The growth of certain microbes will also artificially accelerate and cause browning, destroying the health of the wine. The colour, flavours and aroma will all be negatively affected.

    Conversely, should a wine’s temperature drop below 10°C, its natural ageing process will be disrupted, and flavours won’t be able to develop. At around 5°C, compounds within the wine may form crystals causing the product to be rejected. Liquids may also expand and potentially crack the bottle spoiling other bottles around it.

    Moderating external conditions

    SilverSkin® thermal covers, and SilverSkin®; box insulation for wine protection, each performs a function that helps negate extreme conditions when shipping in controlled networks. With wines most likely to be in jeopardy during first and final mile or loading and off-loading, our thermal covers incorporate layers of the newest and most advanced technologies to reduce heat exchange from solar radiation and offer tarmac protection for wine.

    Highly-reflective on the outside while protectively cushioned and insulated on the inside, SilverSkin® thermal covers and box liners shield against temperature spikes, allowing the product to remain at cellar conditions for longer, helping it mature naturally and preventing off-flavours from developing.

    Innovation for protection

    SilverSkin® thermal covers for wine are brimming with innovation. The entire range has been designed to offer peak performance in all manner of transit situations, including any downtime experienced between transportation points.

    With continued investment in design and materials, SilverSkin® thermal covers for wine offer next-generation protection. Depending on your specific shipping requirement, variations in insulation layers, thickness, weight, and tear or corrosion resistance can be configured, offering superior temperature protection. Each solution is easy and quick to fit and comes with a favourable storage footprint.

    Support on hand

    Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to your wine shipment, including sunlight differentials, windchill and exposure. An extensive range of test and performance reports from our test data library are also available on request.

    SilverSkin® thermal covers for wine are supplied to you pre-formed, as rolls, or in kits, via multiple local sites in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.

    Softbox® SilverSkin®

    Softbox® SilverSkin® thermal covers are a market-leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature-protective solutions.

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      Softbox® SilverSkin® Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions