More than 400 of the cold chain and temperature controlled supply chain community met at the end of January for the annual mecca for our industry – the Temperature Controlled Logistics Forum in Frankfurt (formerly Cool Chain Logistics Europe).

TP3 Global and SilverSkin™ at the Temperature Controlled Logistics Forum in Frankfurt

We’ve been supporting the event for a few years, even taking the position of ‘welcome sponsor’ and taking our place in the exhibition hall. It’s a great place to meet new and familiar faces, as well as to benchmark where the industry is heading and what challenges we’re collectively facing. In such a critical and changeable sector, it’s so important to have transparency and work together.

IQPC Sponsor TP3 Global Cold CHain Europe

The new BLAK formula used in the SilverSkin Quattro™ covers is the first ‘bubble’ to be specifically designed for the pharmaceutical supply chain. With a larger bubble to contain air, plus a thermal inhibiting resin, the BLAK formula found in SilverSkin Quattro™ leads to similar performances as the thicker solutions on the market place, creating considerable savings in shipping and storage.

Additionally, there was much talk about the expected thermal performance of covers and whether they would reliably keep a given product or batch within safe temperature limits. The key is to take a risk based approached and analyse the temperature threat throughout your elected routes and understand precisely where these risk points are. TP3 Global supports the the European GDP risk based approach, and in turn our customers, by providing extensive test data in both chamber and direct sunlight conditions. This data can be then matched against the aforementioned potential risk points to determine the level of protection required.

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