World leader in temperature-sensitive shipment protection, TP3 Global, has made a further major investment in the Technical Centre at its UK headquarters, making it one of the most technically advanced thermal pallet cover suppliers worldwide.

This substantial investment enables TP3 Global to undertake all aspects of testing its own and customer supplied materials in-house, to recognised international standards, a capability believed to be unique in this sector.

The investment has seen the installation of a full-sized environmental chamber, which is able to accommodate two pallets allowing testing at temperatures from -40°C to 60°C. The chamber is fully programmable, with rapid temperature change performance of 0.5-1°C per minute, enabling close replication of the conditions experienced within individual customer supply chains. This gives a highly accurate picture of changes in payload temperatures likely to be experienced in real operational conditions. It is complemented by a double pallet conditioning chamber which ensures loads are at the correct temperature before they enter the main chamber, and three smaller testing chambers with ranges of -20°C to 150°C.

The investment also included the addition of a state-of-the-art heat flow meter enabling the accurate in-house testing of materials to ISO and ASTM internationally recognised standards to establish their resistance to heat flow, commonly known as R-value, as well as other properties such as lambda and emissivity. Alongside this, TP3 Global has invested in Smart CAE thermal simulation software which closely profiles real supply chain conditions and provides an accurate guide to the likely performance of different materials, helping to significantly shorten development and testing cycles and enabling TP3 Global to recommend the most effective protection products for individual supply lanes. This is key when a risk-based approach to Good Distribution Practice (GDP) regulations has to be demonstrated.

The company employs a permanent team of four packaging professionals within the Technical Centre, providing vital test data to customers’ quality assurance and logistics teams, undertaking research & development of new, advanced insulation materials and supporting customers through the assessment and development of specific solutions to meet the demands of their own unique supply chain conditions.

Its primary business is in the provision of protective pallet covers to the pharmaceutical sector, ensuring that products being transported internationally remain within predefined temperature parameters in order to perform optimally on arrival at their destination.

TP3 Global’s Chief Technical Officer, Kevin Valentine, explained: “The pace of innovation within our business is such that a comprehensive in-house technical centre is vital, as we undertake detailed analysis of the performance of materials under conditions which are as realistic as possible. This new investment means we can conduct and complete thermal analysis tests, simulations, direct sunlight tests with our partner in India, thermal stress tests and full Operational Qualification tests, all in-house and in-line with our own strictly controlled testing and qualification procedures. This capability positions us ideally to provide the necessary assurance to customers that their loads will not suffer as a result of exposure to extreme temperatures during international transport. In particular, we can provide complete transparency around R-values and the methodology used to calculate them – an area which is vital to specifiers but one where there is not yet compete consistency in the sector.”

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TP3 Global is a world leader in the development, manufacture and supply of thermal protection systems for temperature-sensitive palletised loads. Accredited to both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, the company operates from locations in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Australia, serving a global customer base including major pharmaceutical manufacturers. A pioneer in materials technology, TP3 Global manufactures a full range of single use or re-usable covers and liners for pallets, air cargo, cartons or drums.