TP3 Global launches innovative solution for cost effective controlled room temperature shipments. SilverSkin Quattro™ incorporates SilverSkin BLAK™ technology, a new thermal protective material specifically engineered to protect ‘controlled ambient’ pharmaceutical cargo in the supply chain.

The need for thermal protection of controlled room temperature, or ambient, supply chains has arisen in light of the European Medicines Agency’s recently updated requirements for temperature data for the supply chains of medicinal products that are categorised as stable between 15°C and 25°C.

To meet this need in a more cost and operationally effective approach than the traditional cold supply chain, TP3 Global have engineered new thermal protective material, SilverSkin Quattro™, specifically to be used for the protection of 15-25°C controlled room temperature cargo.

The new material is formed from two developments. Firstly, a newly developed technology, SilverSkin BLAK™, so called because of the colour of its unique black resin formula, has been engineered to slow down thermal exchange across the materials.

Simultaneously, a ‘high capacity’ bubble, with a thermal performance enhancing depth has been developed. The new material, which also encompasses a thicker bubble is manufactured by TP3 Global, in-house.

SilverSkin Quattro thermal covers test data

The combination of the innovative BLAK resin formula and ‘high capacity’ bubble work together to create greatly enhanced thermal protection performance. Extensive temperature chamber and direct sunlight testing have been executed and prove the Quattro’s excellent thermal performance compared with thicker materials.

About TP3 Global

Focusing on passive protection of temperature sensitive cargo during transit, TP3 Global Ltd was founded in the UK with manufacturing bases now in America, UK, India, Australia and China. TP3 Global’s SilverSkin™ range of thermal pallet covers are qualified, GDP compliant and designed for protection of cold chain and controlled room temperature shipments. An essential component of your logistics and supply chain management solution. TP3 Global works with the world’s largest pharmaceutical, health care and perishable companies who have qualified SilverSkin™ insulated thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps. We take care of their cold chain, logistics and supply chain management needs.

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