SilverSkin Quattro CRT Protection - Controlled Room Temperature TP3 Global announces the launch of its new and innovative product SilverSkin Quattro™ incorporating SilverSkin BLAK ™ technology. Over twelve months of development has led to the creation of a new thermal protective material specifically engineered to protect controlled ambient pharmaceutical cargo in the supply chain.

Quattro, incorporating BLAK technology, adds a new dimension to the SilverSkin™ thermal blanket range. The new SilverSkin BLAK technology is so called because of the colour of its unique black resin formula developed by TP3 Global to slow down thermal exchange across the materials.

TP3 Global is simultaneously launching a ‘high capacity’ bubble with a thermal performance enhancing depth. The new material, which also encompasses a thicker bubble is manufactured by the company in-house.

The innovative BLAK resin formula and ‘high capacity’ bubble work together to create greatly enhanced thermal protection performance. Extensive temperature chamber and direct sunlight testing have been executed and prove the Quattro’s excellent thermal performance compared with thicker materials.

The level of performance provided by Quattro specifically allows it to be used for the protection of 15-25°C controlled ambient cargo.

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Due to the compact nature of Quattro, there are several advantages over thicker materials. Rolls of Quattro will require approximately half the space compared to rolls of thicker products that are double the diameter. Shipping volume is reduced resulting in considerable transportation and storage cost savings.

Available in thermal cover or roll form, Quattro will challenge the currently accepted practice of using thicker materials to keep cargo within safe temperature limits. Already a number of companies are adopting Quattro after carrying out their own testing and validation processes.

TP3 Global’s strategy of continuous R&D investment has enabled the development of these new and exciting products to combat the challenges presented by GDP regulation changes across the life sciences industry.

Providing some more in depth insight into the launch of the new products, Peter Lockett, Chief Operations Officer stated, “With recent GDP changes, the need for cost effective solutions to protect controlled ambient cargo has become a major discussion point and challenge for Pharmaceutical Companies. After considerable investment in development, TP3 Global is now very excited to launch 15-25°C products specifically designed to address the daily operational challenges faced by Supply Chain and Logistics professionals.”

About TP3 Global

Focusing on passive protection of temperature sensitive cargo during transit, TP3 Global Ltd. was founded in the UK and has manufacturing bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia. TP3 Global’s range of SilverSkinTM thermal pallet covers are qualified, GDP compliant and designed for protection of cold chain and controlled room temperature shipments. TP3 Global works with the world’s largest Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Perishable companies who have qualified SilverSkinTM insulated thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps to support their cold chain, logistics and supply chain management needs.

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