TP3 Global has opened in Melbourne, Australia bringing local manufacture and distribution of its range of SilverSkin™ thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps to Australasia.

Through the creation of TP3 Global Australasia Pty Ltd, TP3 Global aims to add experience and technical expertise to the local Australasian market and at the same time enable customers to access its SilverSkin™ Thermal Covers range on a local basis.

TP3 Global, Chairman and CEO, Clive Wheeldon, added, “at TP3 Global we recognise that our clients do not want to have to position empty packaging around the world. In addition to bringing local customer support, opening in Australasia will present our clients with positive cost savings through local manufacture and distribution. We will continue to develop our global strategy with this in mind.”

The innovative new SilverSkin™ material, designed by specialist thermal cover manufacture TP3 Global, has been extensively developed, tested, qualified and used by a number of key pharmaceutical companies. Converted into thermal pallet cover sizes to suit various skid and air cargo pallet configurations, it fully encapsulates the freight to defer temperature change, protect against inclement weather and prevent contamination.

About TP3 Global

Focusing on passive protection of temperature sensitive cargo during transit, TP3 Global Ltd. was founded in the UK and has manufacturing bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia. TP3 Global’s range of SilverSkinTM thermal pallet covers are qualified, GDP compliant and designed for protection of cold chain and controlled room temperature shipments. TP3 Global works with the world’s largest Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Perishable companies who have qualified SilverSkinTM insulated thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps to support their cold chain, logistics and supply chain management needs.

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