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The Challenges
Of Tarmac Time

The dangers of extended time on the tarmac can present serious threats to temperature sensitive cargo shipments. Softbox® SilverSkin® thermal covers are one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to help maintain temperature stability and minimise temperature excursions.

The Solar irradiance from direct sunlight can deliver up to 1360 W/m2 of radiated energy on to the Earth’s surface in certain locations, which can quickly increase the temperature of unprotected temperature sensitive cargo.

Softbox® SilverSkin® thermal covers reflect 60-80% of visible light, protecting the cargo. But what happens to the remaining energy?

The remaining energy from visible light that was not reflected, is absorbed by the highly conductive surface of the thermal cover or reemitted as infrared radiation, which is also managed by the internal reflective surface of SilverSkin® thermal covers.

SilverSkin® covers reflect up to 95% of infrared radiation, preventing it from penetrating the cargo, and transferring heat energy to the payload.

Another threat is “convection”. A hot tarmac heats up the air, which rises to the payload and warms it up. SilverSkin® thermal covers, when properly sealed or when used in conjunction with a thermal base, create an insulative barrier protecting cargo from heat transfer from the tarmac.

SilverSkin® thermal covers protect from all types of thermal transfer, ‘Irradiance’ ‘Convention’ and ‘Conduction’, keeping your product safe during tarmac time.

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