PalletQuilt® Insulated Pallet Quilts

PalletQuilt® insulated pallet covers offer a viable alternative to refrigerated LTL carriers, a flexible solution for combo loading multiple temp ranges and a way to protect drums, totes and other commodities from damage caused by excessive heat and freezing temperatures. PalletQuilt® pallet blankets capture the existing environment of your freight and help maintain a safe temperature range throughout transit.

PalletQuilt® products meet a variety of shipping needs

Standard PalletQuilt® covers are designed to fit snugly at pallet corners and built durably for multiple use. Available for use on drums and totes.

Cap and Wrap PalletQuilt° (CWPQ) was designed for combo-loading mixed temp loads in single temperature or dry trailers. The CWPQ fits various pallet heights.

Unit Load Device (ULD) Airfreight PalletQuilt® offers six-sided protection and features a reflective exterior to protect against heat absorption from the tarmac and sun. It fits a variety of pallet configurations, including 10-foot, 20-foot and other standard airfreight pallet dimensions. Now available in a lightweight, single use design.

PalletQuilt® Kit — Build a packout solution to meet any level of thermal protection. Six sided protection starts with a pallet cover and bottom wrap. Other pack-out variations include bottom wrap and phase change materials (gels) for top and sides, creating an affordable pallet shipper for 2-8⁰C product.

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    Insulated Pallet Quilts Features

    Temperature protection

    Minimal Storage requirements


    Water Resistant

    Highly reflective

    Tamper Evident security barrier

    Security/theft protection

    Protects during on and off-loading

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