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Prepare for extreme winter weather with multi-layer protection

SilverSkin® multi-layered thermal covers are designed to combat the risk of temperature excursion by slowing down temperature exchange, keeping your products safe during shipping.

SQ6 and SilverQuilt products offer outstanding performance in the face of extreme winter weather, each with its own benefits.

SQ6 thermal covers comprise of 6 unique layers which provide excellent thermal performance, without the need for air cell layers. This design allows the cover to be compressed prior to shipping and storage, helping reduce transport and storage costs whilst also being flexible and easy to handle. SQ6 thermal covers are ideal for protecting products with strict label claims on controlled lanes.


SilverQuilt is all about thermal performance. With a composition of 19 specialised layers, including air-cell layers, it helps deliver your products within their required temperature range. This heavy-duty material is designed to retain flexibility for shipping and storage efficiency. SilverQuilt is ideal for protecting products with strict label claims even in extreme scenarios.

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