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Prepare for extreme summer temperatures with SilverSkin® highly reflective thermal covers

Despite advances in the cold chain temperature maintenance, direct sunlight remains a challenge for temperature sensitive cargoes experiencing “tarmac time” i.e. waiting to be loaded or off-loaded need a layer of thermal protection to help prevent costly temperature excursions.

SilverSkin® highly reflective thermal covers are designed to slow down temperature exchange, keeping your temperature sensitive within acceptable limits when exposed to sunlight. SilverSkin® PH300 and PB400 are highly reflective, durable and lightweight thermal covers with conductive surfaces that delay heat transfer to your temperature sensitive products.

PH300 is a non-woven laminate material that provides excellent short term protection for temperature sensitive products with wide stability ship to label claims, such as +2ºC to +40ºC or +2ºC to +30ºC. Its high reflectivity and low emissivity prevents both visible and infrared light transfer from reaching the cargo, whilst its highly conductive surface distributes heat buildup preventing hotspots.

PB400 is a durable, single layer air cell insulation material with dual highly reflective surfaces. Manufactured using air cell technology, PB400 delays all three types of heat transfer, providing enhanced thermal protection against radiation, convection and conduction. Ideal for temperature sensitive products on low to medium risk lanes.

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