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SilverSkin® Thermal Covers for Life Sciences

SilverSkin® thermal covers for pharma are a sure-fire way of protecting your temperature-sensitive products during transportation. With a an increasing number of biologics and biosimilars now being shipped around the world, the need for high-performance pharma focused thermal protection solutions has never been greater.

By consistently reducing rates of excursion, the award-winning SilverSkin® thermal covers for pharma range has become recognised industry-wide as a product group that delivers, consistently keeping temperature-sensitive pharmaceutical products within their specified storage and transportation limits.

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    Proven reliability across applications

    Used and approved globally by many of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and life sciences companies, our comprehensive range of SilverSkin® pharma thermal protection solutions have been extensively tested and proven to work in a variety of applications. These include:

    • Palletised shipments
    • PAG and PMC shipments
    • AKE Liners
    • Shipping box liners
    • Drums
    • Shipping Containers

    Direct sunlight testing

    Performance-tested using a GDP QA risk-based approach

    All of our SilverSkin® thermal cover products have been thoroughly tested in support of clients wishing to meet Good Distribution Practice (GDP) requirements. A rigorous triplicate testing program ensures that you can rely on our solutions to meet the ship-to-label temperature requirements of your products. Each SilverSkin® thermal cover for pharma will give you temperature stability within a variety of specified temperature ranges, including +15 to +25℃, +2 to +40℃, +2 to +30℃ and even +2 to +8℃ for those short periods of time typically experienced during loading and unloading. An extensive range of test and performance reports are available on request.

    Calibrated test chamber

    Innovation for protection

    Manufactured from a variety of protective insulation materials with distinct grades and properties, our SilverSkin® thermal covers have innovation at their core. The entire range of pharma thermal protection solutions has been conceived for peak performance in all manner of transit situations, including any downtime experienced between transportation points.

    With continued investment in design and materials, SilverSkin® thermal covers for pharma offer next-generation protection. They incorporate the newest and most advanced technologies, which offer variations in insulation layers, thickness, weight, tear and corrosion resistance, storage footprint, easy of use, quick-fit capabilities and durability, depending on your specific shipping requirement.

    Thermal imaging

    Support on hand

    Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to your pharma shipment, including sunlight differentials, windchill and exposure. Data from our test data library can be used to support the decision-making process.

    SilverSkin® thermal covers for pharma are supplied to you pre-formed, as rolls, or in kits via multiple local sites in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.

    Example Life Sciences Products

    Pallet Covers

    Silverskin Thermal Pallet Covers

    Air Cargo Covers

    Air Cargo Covers

    Box Liners

    Box Liners

    Container Liners

    Air, Land, Sea Container

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      SilverSkin® Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions