Many global pharmaceutical companies have now tested and approved the revolutionary SilverSkin™ PH300 material for thermal protection of their temperature sensitive freight shipments.

The super compact multi-laminate is mainly used as primary insulation barrier for controlled room temperature product that needs to be kept between 2°C and 40°C (36F-104F) or similar parameters. Massive financial gains have been achieved due to the technically compact structure less than 1mm thick. Between 300 and 400 covers can be fitted on a standard pallet, in contrast to 20 to 30 more traditional thicker insulated blankets.

TP3 Insulating Pallet ShroudNot only does this have huge benefit to cost of shipping and warehouse space, there is massive operational advantage at the end of use, both at the warehouse and disposal. The SilverSkin™ PH300 material composite is suitable for ‘Waste to Energy’ incineration, making it far more attractive than standard landfill packaging.

Peter Lockett, co-founder and COO of TP3 Global, manufacturer of the SilverSkin™ PH300, says “It’s the pharmaceutical companies that have taken the time to test the PH300 in comparison to other solutions that have recognised that the PH300, despite its compact material composition, can provide the insulation performance required for wider tolerance shipments, land, sea or air.

TP3 has a range thicker SilverSkin™ insulation materials that are used in harsher shipping situations and tighter temperature parameters, but there is considerable advantage in considering PH300 where it suits the requirements.

People encountering the PH300 material for the first time often can’t comprehend how such compact material could possibly provide the insulation required and dismiss it immediately. The secret is in the materials used and the composition. The outer foil membranes have very low emissivity (lower is better for reflecting direct sunlight radiation) that sandwich a compressed insulation layer. This, together the integrity of cover design, have positive effect in slowing down the radiation and convection heat threats encountered in shipping routes, mainly airport ramp time”.

About TP3 Global

Focusing on passive protection of temperature sensitive cargo during transit, TP3 Global Ltd. was founded in the UK and has manufacturing bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia. TP3 Global’s range of SilverSkinTM thermal pallet covers are qualified, GDP compliant and designed for protection of cold chain and controlled room temperature shipments. TP3 Global works with the world’s largest Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Perishable companies who have qualified SilverSkinTM insulated thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps to support their cold chain, logistics and supply chain management needs.

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