Perishables - Protecting cold chain produce during shipping

SilverSkin® Thermal protective solutions for perishables

Consumer demand for high-quality produce – and choice – shows no sign of relenting. With it comes a greater reliance on cold chain food protection, as distribution meets the growing trade and consumption rates of fresh food perishable products. Getting such products from the point of harvest to the marketplace, unspoilt, often overseas, is not without its obstacles.

Time and distance are the key dual challenges in the logistics process. SilverSkin® thermal covers for perishable products play a crucial role in this process. By adding a high-performance, protective thermal barrier around perishable shipments, high-risk breaks in the cold chain (often occurring during first and final mile, loading and un-loading or pre and post flight checks) can be minimised.

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    Staying fresher for longer

    Fruit, vegetables, packaged salads, bakery, confectionary, dairy, meat and seafood, all manner of sauces, dips and dressings, even cut flowers and plants; are all products that can require special protection in transit if they are to maintain their freshness.

    SilverSkin® thermal covers and box liners for perishables help preserve and maximise the shelf life of easily-spoilt goods, working to help ensure they arrive on retailers’ shelves in the best possible condition. Offering this level of cold chain food protection not only helps prevent losses, but also helps uphold the visual aspect of purchasing behaviour, where unblemished products have the most appeal, helping avoid end-of-cycle shipment rejection or consumers claiming refunds from retailers.

    Perishable products require special protection in transit to maintain freshness

    The science of thermal cover protection

    By minimising temperature variance during transportation, SilverSkin® thermal covers and box liners for perishable products help reduce moisture levels within the consignment, allowing temperature sensitive produce to remain in a stable environment without risk of damage from condensation.

    Our thermal covers safeguard against exposure to direct sunlight, radiated heat, windchill and sub-zero temperatures, helping ensure door-to-door temperature stability and compliance.

    Manufactured from the very latest high-tech materials, our SilverSkin® thermal covers for perishable products also repel harmful gasses and vapours, while acting as a barrier against theft and pests.

    Maintain a stable environment for perishable goods

    Thermal Performance Tested

    Extensive testing within our calibrated environmental test chambers ensures that all products in the SilverSkin® thermal covers range perform in line with their intended application. An extensive mix of test and performance reports are available on request.

    Extensive testing to ensure product viability

    Innovation for protection

    With innovation at their core, SilverSkin® thermal covers and box liners for perishables offer next-generation protection. Manufactured from a variety of protective insulation materials with distinct grades and properties, they incorporate the newest and most advanced technologies. Variations in insulation layers, thickness, weight, tear and corrosion resistance, storage footprint, easy of use, quick-fit capabilities and durability, allow each of your specific shipping requirements to be met.

    Paints and inks need to be kept at a consistent temperature

    Support on hand

    Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to your shipment, including sunlight differentials, windchill and exposure. Data from our test data library can be used to support the decision-making process.

    All SilverSkin® thermal protective solutions for perishable products come pre-formed or as material rolls for custom application and are available via multiple local sites in the Americas, EMEA, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.

    Example Perishable Food Protection Products

    Pallet Covers

    Box Liners

    Container Liners

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