As for any business in any industry, new product development and a healthy pipeline is the life blood of the company. For TP3 Global, in such a rapidly evolving industry, it’s critical for us to remain ahead of the curve as far as our customers’ operational requirements are concerned, meeting (and sometimes even pre-empting!) needs.product development pipeline TP3 Global SilverSkin blog
TP3 Global has always had the ethos of ‘continuous improvement’ which, of course, relates to materials and products –we’re continually aiming to reduce costs, increase thermal effectiveness and improve materials. However, ‘continuous improvement’ reaches further than that, applying to everything from employees, 3rd party and client relationships, factories, premises…you name it.

A high level of resource is invested into our new product development (NPD) department. It is of such importance that I have immediate and full responsibility for the department. There is also a wealth of expertise and skill across the department as a whole. The team provides input and activity around the world to support technical development and testing research, for example, we have a programme currently testing and analysing new potential materials for thermal effectiveness and operational suitability.
product pipeline TP3 Global SilverSkin blog

Recent investment in some seriously sophisticated kit means we can manufacture prototype thermal covers to support full size testing in cold climate as well as direct sunlight outdoors and in harsh conditions. New, existing and competitive materials are tested against each other until the team is happy to release a new and significantly improved product into the market.
As mentioned, we have invested heavily in new manufacturing equipment and to further support and develop the NPD function and we’re also looking to further invest in testing chambers to strengthen our testing program and qualification capabilities.
We’ve got some very interesting things in the pipeline at the moment! I can’t reveal any details right now but watch out…