Flowers and Plants - Caring for temperature-sensitive perishables in transit

SilverSkin® Thermal Covers for Flowers and Plants

You don’t need green fingers to know flowers and plants are highly sensitive to their immediate environments. They require special care and attention even in their natural habitats. So when left unattended during transit, the right temperature-controlled protection for flowers and plants is absolutely essential if they are to survive their journey and reach the marketplace intact.

The question of how to ship live flowers and plants safely is dependent on the species and whether they are in the process of flowering.

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    SilverSkin® features for flowers and plants

    Temperature protection

    Protects during on and off-loading

    Highly reflective


    Stemming the influence of the elements

    Flowering plants are tied together at the stem to avoid physical damage. The roots can be covered in paper towels and sprayed with water that contains polymer crystals to preserve moisture, before being wrapped in plastic. But these are only the first steps in safely shipping temperature-sensitive flowers and plants.

    The best strategy for transporting crops successfully is to lower temperatures to just above their base level, thereby slowing growth. Depending on the species, dropping below 10-15°C – or worse still, freezing – will kill a plant. That said, more resilient varieties can become dormant under cold temperatures. But even these can die if directly exposed to sustained freezing temperatures.

    On the other end of the scale, transporting flowers and plants in excessive heat can trigger an early bloom, shortening their shelf lives, or wilting them if flowers have already developed.

    Preserving the environment

    SilverSkin® box insulation for flowers and plants help to preserve their existence in a sustainable state throughout transportation. Working in conjunction with SilverSkin®pallet covers and air cargo covers for flowers and plants, they offer highly-reflective, breathable, palletised insulation that works 24/7.

    With spoilage an ever-present danger, a thermal base can also be deployed to prevent radiant heat emanating from the ground up. This 6-sided breathable thermal protection for flowers and plants works to maintain ambient temperatures inside the shipment, guarding against the effects of solar radiation and windchill, essentially extending their possible transit time. It also repels harmful gasses, vapours and pests.

    Innovation for protection

    SilverSkin® breathable thermal covers and box insulation for flowers and plants have innovation in spades. The entire range has been conceived for peak performance in all manner of transit situations, including any downtime experienced between transportation points.

    With continued investment in design and materials, SilverSkin® thermal covers for flowers and plants offer next-generation protection. They incorporate the newest and most advanced breathable technologies, which offer variations in insulation layers, thickness, weight, and durability. They also offer a favourable storage footprint, ease of use and quick-fit capabilities.

    Support on hand

    Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to your flowers and plants shipments. An extensive range of test and performance reports from our test data library are also available on request.

    SilverSkin® thermal covers and box insulation for flowers and plants are supplied to you pre-formed, as rolls, or in kits via multiple local sites in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.

    Softbox® SilverSkin®

    Softbox® SilverSkin® thermal covers are a market-leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature-protective solutions.

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      Softbox® SilverSkin® Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions