Electronics and microchips - Tuning in to advanced thermal shipment protection

SilverSkin® Thermal Covers for Electronics and Microchips

Keeping electrical items and water apart is a critical teaching that adheres. Where shipping goods such as computer chips and components, electronic products, micro-electronics or microchips is concerned, avoiding moisture is only one of the hazards that has to be endured.

With harsh weather conditions liable to wreak havoc with electrical shipments if not properly safeguarded, employing reliable temperature protection for transporting electronics and microchips becomes a pre-requisite for costly damage control. SilverSkin® thermal covers for electronics and microchips are expertly tuned to the task.

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    SilverSkin® features for electronics and microchips

    Temperature protection
    Protects during on and off-loading
    Highly reflective

    Repelling the elements

    By and large, heat is not an issue for electrical items; components often have operating temperatures exceeding 60°C. Cold, on the other hand, can cause serious harm. At freezing point, micro-cracks can develop in electronic products and may not even be visible to the naked eye. This is almost impossible to manage and may trigger a reduction in performance or, worse still, ruin an entire system. Insulated protection for transporting electronics and microchips changes the game.

    Where moisture is concerned, we can raise an immediate red flag. Exposure to moisture can lead to short-circuiting which wrecks the functionality of components. Again, in the most severe cases entire systems will be rendered useless. Rust is another unwelcome by-product of moisture. If not spotted, the potentially negative impact can be delayed, prompting short-circuiting at a later date or even causing fire. SilverSkin® water-resistant covers and liners for electronics and microchips are specifically configured to help neutralise these issues.

    Covering every insulation requirement

    The nature of shipping electronic goods varies according to specific requirements. Car electronics, mobile phones and tablets, for example, whether assembled or in component form, are usually shipped on pallets and in containers. Microchips, on the other hand, are more likely to be packaged individually as their value per piece can be considerable.

    No matter what your specific need is, SilverSkin® thermal covers and liners for electronics and microchips is a range designed for any eventuality. A moisture-absorbent material is supplemented with layers that include advanced insulation and shock-absorbing properties. The carefully-engineered combination results in superior temperature-controlled protection for transporting electronics and microchips.

    Innovation for protection

    SilverSkin® thermal covers and liners for electronics and microchips have innovation at their core. The entire range has been developed to offer peak performance in all transit situations.

    Offering next-generation protection, SilverSkin® thermal covers and liners for electronics and microchips leverage the very latest technologies. Variations in insulation layers, thickness, weight, tear and corrosion resistance, durability and storage footprint are available, with each solution being easy to handle and fit.

    Support on hand

    Our experienced teams assist with all the different thermal considerations relating to your shipment. An extensive range of test and performance reports from our test data library are available on request.

    SilverSkin® thermal covers and liners for electronics and microchips are supplied to you pre-formed, as rolls, or in kits, via our many stocking points in the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, India and Australia.

    Softbox® SilverSkin®

    Softbox® SilverSkin® thermal covers are a recognised market-leading range, comprising pallet covers, container liners and other temperature-protective solutions.

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      Softbox® SilverSkin® Thermal covers are recognised market leading range of pallet covers, container liners and other temperature protective solutions