New product Innovation

In the previous SilverSkin™ blog post, our focus on (and passion for) new product development and SilverSkin PMC Ramp Thermal Coverinnovation was discussed. While we have a dedicated and extremely talented ‘NPD’ team, this ethos does resonate to every corner of every global team throughout the organisation. In particular, the customer facing side of the business is a huge advocate and facilitator of new product development and it is in this department I can be found.


In the context of innovation and developing new products, you may imagine that new materials and process design and development are at the heart it. However, for TP3 Global, collaborating with customers is an essential cog in the product conception and development wheel and oftentimes is the initial inspiration. wrapIn fact, our customer relationships are so strong that we are able to fully understand current and future requirements and goals, integrate them into the new product development processes and discussions, which leads to development of new products that the industry both wants and needs. In my opinion, this seamless combination of expertise in understanding the technical aspect of thermal insulation, our in-depth understanding of logistics and the supply chain and customer relationships that make SilverSkin thermal covers an unbeatable, cost effective thermal protection system for both primary and secondary protection applications.



Etihad Insulated Thermal Ramp Cover Pharmaceutical Air Cargo SilverSkinAn example of this collaborative theory is illustrated through our recent collaboration with a major airline, Ethiad Cargo, which involved a brand new design for a robust and reusable thermal airline cover. The overall aim was to provide the customer with higher performance cover than their current solution. By working closely together right from concept through to the final execution this aim was realised and in a short time frame. A durable and custom designed cover with opening and closing fasteners to ensure ease of fitting.


Through the collaborative process of product development, TP3 Global has the flexibility and resources to support our global customers in all the regions they operate in, as well as helping to drive the business in the right direction and deliver thermal protective solutions across the industry, building strong partnerships with our customers for the long term.


Do you need any more information about our thermal cover range, what we do or fitting guidelines? You can see all of this in our video library or just get in touch.