SilverSkin® Container Liners

Developed as an added protection for temperature sensitive freight shipped in ocean containers, SilverSkin® container liners are designed to minimise the risk of temperature differentials impacting temperature-sensitive freight transported in ocean containers.

Manufactured from high-performance insulation materials, SilverSkin® container liners form a protective thermal barrier inside the shipping container. The liner performs several functions, including reducing the damaging effects of windchill, heat build up resulting from UV-radiation, and moisture droplets, commonly known as ‘container rain’, contaminating product cartons.

SilverSkin® container liners offer repeatable thermal protection for your temperature-sensitive ocean freight. In so doing, they help minimise product loss during shipping and compliance with Good Distribution Practice (GDP) shipping guidelines. Supplied pre-packed in shipping cartons, SilverSkin® container liners offer ease of handling and palletisation, helping minimise storage space. 

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    Container Liners Features

    Temperature protection

    Minimal Storage requirements

    Reduces Container Rain

    Reflects infrared radiation

    Available for all Container Sizes

    Protects during on and off-loading

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    Why SilverSkin® Container Liners?

    Our commitment to investing in material innovation has allowed us to add technically-advanced durable and lightweight shipping container liners to our SilverSkin® portfolio. Maintaining various temperature sensitive product ship-to label claims of +2°C to +40°, they are suitable for a wide range of industry products.

    SilverSkin® container liners are manufactured with a single woven-layer film that reflects infrared radiation, while a reinforced exterior offers tear resistance and a protective barrier to airborne contamination. Additionally, it is a combination that also offers freeze protection and splash resistance.

    Our thermal container liners are also lightweight making them easy to handle and quick to install.

    Our experienced customer service team can assist with size, configuration and thermal requirement enquiries. We can also provide container liner lane risk analysis supported by an extensive library of hot, cold and sunlight performance test data.

    SilverSkin® container liners are supplied pre-formed and are available via multiple local sites in the Americas, Europe, India, Asia Pacific, and Australia.

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    Container Liners Material Range

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