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The composition of a thermal cover

Every material in the SilverSkin® range is designed to mitigate the risk of temperature spikes and slow down temperature exchange during shipping, keeping temperature sensitive products safe for longer.

Rather than develop a ‘one-size-fits-all’ thermal cover that would be both overengineered and expensive, we’ve developed a range of fit-for-purpose materials each of which have been designed with a different scenario in mind.

SilverSkin® Thermal Covers come in three grades: Single-skin, Air-cell, and Multi-layer.


Single-skin materials are designed to mitigate heat transfer by radiation. Thin and lightweight – single-skin grades are ideal for low-risk lanes and the summer heat. Their highly reflective surface reflects infrared and visible light, blocking them from penetrating the material and transferring heat to the payload.


The Air-cell materials are built on top of the single skin technology, by adding a layer of air-cell insulation in between reflectors. This offers increased protection time as well as operational improvements due to its form stability. The additional insulation layer will also help better insulate the cargo in cold climates. Air-cell materials are ideal for low-to-medium risk lanes in both hot and cold scenarios.


When the highest level of thermal protection is required, multi-layer materials are the best choice. They combine high reflectivity with specially selected insulation to slow down temperature exchange. This combination of materials boosts the protection time to meet that of entry level temperature controlled solutions. Multi-layer materials are compressible and therefore help reduce volume required for transportation and storage. Multi-layer materials are ideal for medium-to-high risk lanes in both hot and cold scenarios.

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