TP3 Global & QProducts & Services
Enter Joint Venture Agreement

TP3 Global and QProducts & Services (QPS) join forces to create a unique customer service experience in the challenging world of temperature sensitive product protection. The joint venture offers unrivaled customer service and product access on a truly global basis.

q_sales_tp3_global_joint_ventureQPS leads the US market with their flagship, patented CargoQuilt® and PalletQuilt® products while TP3 manufactures SilverSkin™, one of the world’s market leading thermal cover and blanket brands. Available globally, these temperature protection products support all modes of transportation including Road, Air and Ocean.

The companies have over 30 years’ combined industry-leading experience within Global Logistics, Cold Chain Design and Temperature Controlled Packaging. Both staff industry professionals that support their comprehensive product portfolio, serving the Pharmaceutical, Perishable and Chemical Industries.

Products are manufactured in-house, subject to strict quality control measures and use the highest grade base materials and state-of-the-art equipment, creating validated products ranging from single use pallet covers to reusable cargo quilts. and TP3 will collaborate on the development of new products and technologies to meet expanding customer needs. This collaboration will result in a wide range of value-added programs, and advanced technologies division, and a world-class customer experience.


About TP3 Global

Focusing on the passive protection of temperature sensitive cargo during transit, TP3 Global Ltd was founded in the UK and has manufacturing bases in the Americas, Europe and Asia. TP3 Global’s SilverSkin™ range of thermal pallet covers are qualified as GDP compliant and designed for the protection of cold chain and controlled room temperature shipment protection world wide.

TP3 Global works with the world’s largest Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and Perishable companies who have qualified SilverSkin™ insulated thermal pallet covers, blankets and wraps to support their cold chain, logistics and supply chain management needs.

For further information from TP3 Global, please contact:
Peter Lockett, CTO, Tel +44 (0)789 6469109 in the UK –

About QProducts & Services

QProducts & Services designs, engineers and manufactures all types of products used for temperature sensitive shipments. The product line is applicable to most forms of transportation and helps to maintain a safe temperature range for any environmental condition.

For further information from QProducts & Services, please contact:
Paul Yadron, VP Sales, Tel +1 (708) 271-9842 in the US –

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