Following on from the success of our market leading SilverQuilt™material, we have continued to develop our range of multi-layered materials to create SQ6.

SQ6 is the latest development in our product portfolio. Its innovative composition is thinner, yet retains high performance. With its unique combination of 6 layers, SQ6 is designed to negate radiation, convection and conduction in a superior way to conventional insulation materials.

Providing more protection due to its insulating and highly reflective layers, SQ6 protects against rapid temperature changes, such when a pallet is exposed to direct sunlight, as well as extending the protection period against extreme ambient conditions.

The product incorporates an outer scrim which reinforces its toughness, dimensional stability and durability to facilitate handling. We have designed SQ6 with operational challenges in mind to help keep products safe during all stages of the supply chain.

Dharmesh Chauhan, Commercial Director at TP3 Global, commented: “We’re extremely delighted to be releasing this innovative product to the market. With its unique composition, the SQ6 can meet and exceed customer demands on all fronts, overcoming cold chain breaks, improving operational challenges and providing market-leading performance to ensure the integrity of our clients’ cargo is kept intact.”

This space-saving cover will save you time and money due to its 19mm lightweight, compressible nature. It will eliminate your storage and handling concerns and allows you to increase loads during pallet transportation.

SQ6 is a result of our state of the art TP3 Technical Centre, which allows materials to be tested beyond the identification of an R-value. The data our facility provides will support customer decisions on deciding whether SQ6 is the correct insulation material to match your needs

We understand the importance of optimising the amount and types of packaging our customers use. Our expert, technical team are always at hand to help provide answers to any questions you might have surrounding SQ6 or our range of temperature protective materials. Our team of experts can help you decide which material is best suited to your business requirements and budget. For more information please contact a #TP3GLOBAL expert today.


ABOUT TP3 Global

TP3 Global (A Softbox company) is the manufacturer of the globally recognised market leading SilverSkin™ range of pallet covers. With operations in EMEA, the Americas, India and Asia Pacific, we are strategically positioned to serve our customers on a truly global basis. 

We are suppliers to global leading pharmaceutical, healthcare, logistics and perishable industries which has allowed us to build long standing collaborations and development of market leading products.

TP3 Global manufactures a full range of single-use and re-usable thermal protection products for all modes of transport for pallets and parcels. As pioneers in materials technology, we are constantly seeking to develop the next break through product.

In January 2018, Softbox Systems, a global award-winning temperature control packaging innovator, acquired TP3 Global to further expand its worldwide presence and strengthen its product portfolio. Softbox has been designing and producing high performance passive temperature control packaging systems for over 20 years, and offers consistent quality from strategically located global manufacturing sites throughout EMEA, Americas, India and Asia Pacific.

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